Rev. Dr. Jody Hill       

As the current pastor of RPC, Jody has a passion for unpacking the truths of scripture.  His charismatic delivery of the gospel message is inspiring and encouraging.

 Jody is husband to Monya, father to Noah and Luke, and father-in-law to Saige, Noah’s bride.

 He received a Master of Divinity Degree from Memphis Theological Seminary, and is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  He completed his Doctor of Ministry degree with the New Orleans Theological Seminary in 2020.

 Jody considers himself “a child of grace that has been gifted with the opportunity to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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I.    We are Biblically Grounded–The Bible Is Our Authority for Faith & Practice.

II.   We are Historically Informed— Our Book of Confessions, part 1 of our Constitution, contains the essentials of our Reformed Doctrines.

III.  We are Communally Nurtured–Our Book of Order, Part 2 of our Constitution, contains the essentials of Reformed Polity for Church Order: government, worship, and discipline.

IV.  We are Ecumenically Involved–We seek to be in unity & mission with other Christian denominations in accordance with our Lord Jesus’ prayer in John’s Gospel Chapter 17 that we all be one.

V.   Our Mission In the World is to bear witness through both Good Words & Good Deeds so that we do both evangelism and social action.





The Six Great Ends of the Church

1.  The proclamation of the gospel for the salvation of humankind,

2.  The shelter, nurture, & spiritual fellowship of the children of God,

3.  The maintenance of divine worship,

4.  The preservation of the truth,

5.  The promotion of social righteousness,

6.  The exhibition of the Kingdom of Heaven to the world.