Welcome & Invitation | This church welcomes you, no matter who you are, where you come from, or why you are here. We are Christ’s people, and this is Christ’s place with its doors open wide. If you are passing through, Godspeed; if you are looking for a home, stay here; if you need instruction, learn from us as we learn from you. We invite visitors to join us, but most of all, to return often.

IMG_1440IMG_1064 Ripley Presbyterian Church 

 Our church is much more than a religious gathering.

 It is a place of fellowship for real people,

loving the real God.

We study the Word, practice what we learn,

and in the process, 

grow together.

Ripley Presbyterian Church is here for you.

The Ripley Presbyterian Church is celebrating
over 180 Years of Ministry  in Ripley, Mississippi!

We’ve had  “A Heart for Christ and Community Since 1837” 


Please Join Us!